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Mail Log Converter

Mail Log Converter (mlc) is a tool that converts a postfix or sendmail mail log into a form that is readable by AWStats.

It was written because maillogconvert.pl which is distributed with AWStats does not work to well for most people. mlc was developed to work on logs generated by Postfix and sendmail. mlc has been tested on logfiles that contained entries from both mail servers.

mlc is written in plain C, tested only under Linux and Mac OS X. It reads from stdin and writes to stdout. To test it use something like "mlc outfile" to activate the debug-mode pass the parameter "debug" to mlc and debug info will be written to stderr (e.g. "mlc debug

Building Simply use the provided makefile - there are no special requirements or depencies.

Installing There is an install target in the makefile but you can copy it to wherever you want. In the AWStats config file replace "/usr/bin/perl maillogconvert.pl" by "/usr/local/bin/mlc" if mlc is installed to the default "/usr/local/bin".

No Purchase needed -- just download :)

mlc was written by Raje Anzac and modified by Lane Roathe. Lane thanks Raje for his original efforts and a great utility.

Key Features:

  • Converts sendmail logs to awstats format
  • Converts postfix logs to awstats format
  • Much faster than maillogconvert.pl
  • Includes complete source code
  • Completely FREE

Download includes source code, you may need to compile the source to run the program!

FREE Download
IFD ftp Anzac Website

Mail Log Converter

System Requirements
Linux or Mac OS X
Binary is for x86 linux only!
NOTE: gcc is required to compile the source!

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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